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Today I am Jospeh Knecht.

I'm really happy!  I'm in a phase of blissful contentment!  You're possibly all quite sick of hearing about my love-up state after two years, but it's hard to be anything but ecstatic when you're with someone who constantly goes over and above your expectations.  Aside from the fact that Gareth and I are still doing long-distance and I can't wait until we finally get to live together, thing between us are wonderful, and continue to get better and better!  Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by it all, but in a good way.  I find that I can;t stop smiling to myself about how happy I am with Gareth, then I realise that passers-by are staring at me in bemusement.....
Summary: I am head-over-heels in love, but not always physically head-over-heels of course.... ahem ;-)

Becoming Dr Wild...
I spend far too much time thinking about the future; thinking about where I'll be in 6 months time, what I'll be doing, and so forth.  At times it becomes almost all-consuming, especially when I should be mulling over my dissertation, rather than my currently irrelevant future.  (Irrelevant because, without a decent degree, half of my aspirations will become twice as hard to achieve.)

I'm toying with the idea of doing an MA/MPhil, not immediately after my degree, but possibly in a year's time.  However, the current state of the economy and possibility of not finding a decent job are contributing to my own pros/cons list of going down the academia route.  And, I don't want to sink further into academia because, while looking out from my comforting nest of books, paper and ideas, the outside world appears somewhat alien and unforgiving.


- Something I enjoy - I love researching and discovering new things.  I could pore over books for hours and it would be awesome!
- *Could* enhance my career prospects - if I wanted to become a lecturer/professional historian.... and I am quite set on working in the publishing industry - editorial or commissioning, either would be cool! Do employers value a masters if it's not directly relevant to the job?
- Could go on to do a Phd ---> I'd become the awesomely titled Dr Wild! <--- Bad. Shouldn't do a PhD for the sake of a title!
- I'm more likely to get to live with Gareth, rather than being miles away in Oxford/London.

- I'd be wasting a year that could otherwise be spent earning money/building up actual work experience --> overall better career prospects
- History masters' rarely obtain funding/scholarships without a First class degree/a particularly important area of interest
- costs money - I've estimated about £8,000-10,000 for a year (fees/rent/basic living costs)
- I'm not sure what the current avg. salary is for history lecturers, but from what I can ascertain, it's standard to live in mild poverty for at least the first decade of your career.

So - what have I learned from this?  My decision centres on money, necessity and love, but mostly money.  That says a lot about me doesn't it!
Possible solution: I could do half and half, work part-time and do a masters part-time.... solving my money and time-efficiency issues.

Just to add to the confusion - I'm vaguely considering a two-year master's course in Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture at Oslo University, Norway.  It's taught in English, I'd get to learn Norwegian, Old Norse and possibly Icelandic.....and there are no tuition fees!

Friends and Aberystwyth:

Another apprehension....I am beginning to realise just how much I'll miss Aberystwyth and the friends I've made here in the last two and a half years.  I'm going to miss the social life, the weekly agenda - Geek Night, Sci-fi Night, Troma....
I already miss living with and hanging out with Ele - I'm not sure how "the evil one" herself feels about this.  Ele could think I'm a nutter and be glad to be a safe distance away for all I know! :-)

I've come to love taking almost daily walks along the seafront or, weather permitting, up to Pen Dinas.  I feel really free and relaxed here, in a way that I never found in my home town, and the more often I visit London, or return to Birmingham, the more I know I'll find a city confining. (The only real advantage to living in a city would be decent public transport - ah, if only there were a national Oystercard system!)

In other news:
I've begun driving lessons, after years of intending to and never getting round to it.  Verdict: Absolutely loving every minute of it! And yes, I do make car noises when driving.  Neeeeowww-n!  And Gareth has been crazy-enough to put me on his insurance....

Well, I've been up writing this for at least the last two hours.  Blogging isn't my usual forte, so I apologise for reporting otherwise boring and repetitive nonsense about my life.  Also, I've run of things to write that aren't otherwise sex and/or books, or my dissertation - yes, I put sex and books in the same sentence.

Oo, dissertation!  My dissertation by the way, is awesome!  I'm studying the conversions of Iceland and Norway to Chistianity in the Medieval period.  I've always been fascinated by religion and by why people chose/were forced even to accept Christianity, particularly the politics behind the rise of western Christendom.  Some of the genuine acts of personal and/or collective piety are really quite astonishing!  (And I'm going to stop now before I get carried away....) :-)

Good Night, Nos Da, Guten Nacht, Buenos Noches....
love and cookies to you all :-)


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